Health Navigators

Cancer care can involve seeing several specialist physicians, undergoing multiple diagnostic tests and discussing varied treatment options—a process that can be frightening and overwhelming to many patients. That’s why Carroll Hospital offers a free health navigator service.

Our health navigators are registered nurses who work with patients with all types and stages of cancer, guiding you through your diagnosis, treatment and recovery to ease and optimize your care at every step. Our health navigator services include:

  • Tailoring your information and support to your individual needs and learning style
  • Helping you understand and utilize all the assistance available to you
  • Coordinating upcoming procedures and treatment plans
  • Sharing available information about community programs, including support groups and education opportunities, with you

“Many cancer patients initially feel a loss of control over their lives. But knowing what to expect and having someone to talk to helps them regain some of that control and focus on treatment and recovery,” says Eileen Overfelt, R.N., B.S.N., director of Integrative Health Services & Navigation. “From the time a patient is faced with a pending diagnosis, we provide the one-on-one support patients need as they plan a course of treatment with their physician.”

For more information call 410-871-7000.