Genetic Counseling

Are you a cancer patient who has questions about genetic testing? Would you like to know if you are at risk for the disease in order to take the proper precautions? Genetic counseling can help.

You may want to consider genetic counseling if:

  • you have multiple relatives with breast, ovarian, colorectal and/or pancreatic cancer
  • the cancers in your family were diagnosed at an early age (generally before 50)
  • you have relatives who have had more than one type of cancer or have had a rare cancer (for example, male breast cancer)
  • a gene mutation has been identified by a relative’s genetic testing

As part of the program, participants will undergo a comprehensive family history and risk assessment before testing, and after testing will receive support from a certified genetic counselor who will explain the results, risks, options and next steps in coordination with your physician.

Testing is available for all types of cancers, with a special focus on breast, pancreatic, ovarian and colorectal cancers.

A physician referral is required. For appointments and information, please call 410-871-6161.