Treatment Therapies & Procedures

The William E. Kahlert Regional Cancer Center’s expert team of surgeons, radiologists, medical and radiation oncologists and certified oncology nurses offer a full range of advanced therapies and procedures, including:

  • Surgery, including advanced and minimally invasive options
  • Chemotherapy, blood transfusions, medication management and bone marrow biopsies
  • Radiation therapy including brachytherapy, a minimally invasive alternative to surgical tumor removal

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our team works with each patient to ensure that you are receiving the best, individualized treatment plan possible. Choice of cancer treatment is influenced by several factors, including the specific characteristics of your cancer; your overall condition; and whether the goal of treatment is to cure your cancer, keep your cancer from spreading, or to relieve the symptoms caused by cancer.

One or more treatment modalities may be used to provide you with the most effective treatment. Increasingly, it is common to use several treatment modalities together (concurrently) or in sequence with the goal of preventing recurrence. This is referred to as multi-modality treatment of the cancer.